You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers


What does Boro mean, how did you choose the name?

Not an animal reference. Boro refers to our communities, Carrboro, Pittsboro Greensboro, etc… we strive to be the community beverage of choice and partner with many local nonprofits to help support and strengthen community. By consuming Boro you are also supporting organizations making positive impactful change. 
(Current donation opportunity SCOBY for food donations to Table) email for more info

How should I consume a shrub?

Try adding 1-2 oz of the concentrate to soda water or a cocktail to create a healthier mocktail or cocktail. Shrubs can also be consumed solo. Try sipping or shooting in the morning or after a big meal to reap the benefits of the vinegar.

Why use vinegar in drinks?

Raw, organic vinegar (which we use!) is full of beneficial bacteria your gut will love! 

Should children consume fermented beverages?

Fermented Foods are everywhere and good to incorporate into most diets. That being said an adult should always consult with their health care provider first to determine how much is acceptable for a child. We do not pasteurize.

Mom talk, my kids drink a Kombucha a day :-)

What is the sediment in the bottle, is it ok to drink?

Absolutely! Sediment is the cultures and the flavorings we use! One may say the best part!

Where do you source ingredients and how do you process them?

Omg, Favorite question!! We LOVE working and showcasing our farmers! We work directly with companies such as Seal the Seasons, Eastern Carolina Organics and Farmer FoodShare. We also directly purchase from small farms such as: Transplanting Tranditions

How much kombucha should i consume?

In a world of over consumption there is such thing as too much of anything! Our recommendation is to always first listen to your body. Start out with a small glass (4-6 oz) see how you feel. Increase daily, but we recommend to not consume more than 16 oz a day. Our growlers are a perfect way to control your intake without the pressure to finish a bottle, and they are reusable!

What is a SCOBY?

Ready for this?…. Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast. SCOBY’s resemble something like a gelatinous pancake. Yum! This is where all the health benefits come from. Fun fact a SCOBY mother cannot be man made and  creates a “baby” after every batch allowing you to make more or offer to a friend! Thanks nature!

What’s up with this Mothership?

The mothership is our funky beverage bar on wheels! She is currently being built thanks to our Kickstarter backers (hyper link to Kickstarter page). The mothership will be available as a “bar for hire” at private functions, and our primary serving stations at the farmers markets and food truck rodeos.

Do you ship?

YES! We currently have an online subscription program available for our shrubs. (Boro in my life link)

We do not ship fizzy beverages for your safety!

What is your spirit animal?

Lion. A wildly strong momma lioness.

How do you sell your products?

We currently sell 12 oz bottles of Kombucha to local retailers and offer growlers of seasonal flavors at the farmers market. We are working on going draft to be as sustainable as possible!

Our shrubs are sold in 16 oz bottles to wholesale accounts and at the farmers market. Shrub of the month club bottles are 8 oz

Is there caffeine in any of your beverages?

Kombucha is produced using tea, often caffeinated and high in tannins. Caffeine however is negligible. Through the fermentation process much of the ingredients like sugar are converted. These ingredients are nutrition for the culture and Necassary for the process!

Is there alcohol in any of your beverages?

Truth be told alcohol is a very real thing when fermenting anything! Sugar and heat? Ever leave apple juice on the counter? However because our products are made in small batches and fermented in a short time we can pay close attention to this! We out source testing of our products and follow the strict federal guidelines to ensure our beverages are less then .05% abv before selling.

How long do your products last?

Kombucha should be kept refrigerated up to 3 months to ensure quality of the fresh ingredients used! Fermentation is in fact a natural method of preservation and products have an extended shelf life so taste test them!! Shrubs will last 6 months, even up to a year. We suggest keeping refrigerated to preserve brightness!

Why clear glass?

Color! Our drinks speak for themselves! We want you to experience not just flavor but the beauty of each bottle!

Are your products gluten free, vegan, cruelty free?

Yes, Yes and Yes! Nothing hurt in the making! We also infuse our drinks with sweet mantras and affirmations, you didn’t even know that!

Do you force carbonate your products?

Force carbonating is a Process of literally forcing carbonation into a keg to make fizzy. We do not force carbonate Kombucha. What’s really cool about Kombucha is it’s naturally carbonated through the fermentation process! We want that to be part of the experience. What that also may mean is our Kombucha May be inconsistent and not similar to other commercial brands. We’re ok with that!